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Measuring Guide

To Measure your CHEST SIZE:   Place tape around your Chest, so that it passes immediately under your arms. Ensure it lies level as it passes around your back. It is advisable to ask a second person to help.

To Measure your WAIST SIZE:  
Pass tape around your middle at your natural waist line. This lies above your hips, and higher than most people tend to think. For trousers to fit comfortably, it is important that you order the correct waist size. Please avoid the temptation to order a smaller size by measuring your hips. This tends to lead to a poor fitting trouser, that sags beneath the crotch and is too long in the leg.

As a rule in the UK, size measurments are made in 'inches'.

If you have any Queries please feel free to phone us during normal shop hours before placing your order. We will be only to pleased to help. Telephone : 01244 683754

XL Size Scale

Most of Our Clothes are described on the web site using the Universal 'XL Scale' of 2xl 3xl 4xl 5xl 6xl 7xl 8xl for the United Kingdom.

(For international orders please refer to your own countries size scale conversion, which may differ form that shown here, and be guided by the actual measurements shown. Remember our sizes are shown in inches not centimetres)

For clarity we also show the equivalent size that the each XL represents in brackets after the XL number.
The figures shown  indicate the recommended maximum measurment of the actual person the clothes are designed to fit (not the measurments of the garment) .
All measurments are shown in inches.

As a Guide this Scale is reproduced for your reference:

2 XL - fitting 42/44" Waist and 46/48" Chest - 18" Collar
3 XL - fitting 46/48" Waist and 50/52" Chest - 19" Collar
4 XL - fitting 50/52" Waist and 54/56" Chest - 20" Collar
5 XL - fitting 54/56" Waist and 58/60" Chest - 21" Collar
6 XL - fitting 58/60" Waist and 62/64" Chest - 22" Collar
7 XL - fitting 62/64" Waist and 66/68" Chest - 23" Collar
8 XL - fitting 66/68" Waist and 70/72" Chest - 24" Collar

BELTS - the size shown on the website represents the waist size of the person the belt is designed to fit comfortably (Not the length of the belt). This is measured from the buckle to the middle hole, in inches.

LENGTH - Average back lengths are shown within each individual product description, and may vary between garments. We typically measure a 4xl to get the 'Average length' - length varies with size,  so  please add an extra inch for each size larger in the XL scale you need.

1. Please note when ordering your clothes - It is quite likely that you may need to order a different 'XL' size in trousers & joggers than for tops - for example should you be either slim waisted or larger on the waist than your chest.
2. Please do NOT be tempted to order a size bigger than you measure "to allow for Comfort", or you will find the clothes may well be too big. We are careful to stock clothes only from reputable suppliers who specialise in menswear designed and made Specifically for the larger guy. They are therefore designed and cut to allow the clothes to fit comfortably around the body, allowing room for freedom of movement.For example, as a rule, a "3xl" shirt is designed to fit comfortably and smartly for an average 50/52" Chest and 46/48" Waist. These are the measurments shown throughout the web site. The garment itself however, when laid out flat will typically measure 56 - 58" at the chest level, tapering slightly to the waist. This allows for the shirt to fit comfortably around the back & chest and under the arms, and to sit correctly on the shoulders.
3. Where specific garments differ significantly in size from the standard XL Scale ('Duke Menswear' for example give an extra generous cut to their garments), we have indicated this and have avoided quoting typical 'XL' sizes. Please be guided by our measurments given in inches in these instances and order according to your body size.
4. Should your waist size be larger than your chest, which is quite common, you will need to order a larger size to allow the shirt to button up comfortably and accomodate the largest measurment at the waist. Failing to do this will result in the shirt pulling or gaping around your middle. For example to fit a 52" chest and 54" waist you would need to order size '4xl' despite having a 3xl chest size. Please be advised however in that case, the garment will inevitably be looser fitting aound the shoulders & chest,and longer in the body and sleeves. This problem can only be over come by bespoke tailoring.
5. If you prefer a longer fit to your clothes, please note that body & sleeve length of tops generally increases slightly with chest size.


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